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At Glimpse, we strive to capture the essence.

As someone who comes from a background in dance performance, I have grown to appreciate the value of abstraction. Movement. Investigation. Creative expression. All of these things are intangible, but it is their lack of concreteness that lends to rich artistry.  But, as a performer of an athletic art, I have also acquired attention to detail and precision. Although it stems from abstraction, the ideas must be presented with exact execution, or otherwise risk becoming misconstrued. I apply these same principles with my graphic designs. It is with this symbiotic dichotomy – the marriage of artistic abstraction and precise detail – that we are able to achieve a perfect snapshot. A glimpse, if you will, into everything behind this idea; everything leading up to this moment.
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Meet the Designer​

Hi there.

My name is Irina Goldman, and as you can tell, I didn't begin as a graphic designer.

I started off as, and still am, a professional dancer. After dancing for many companies in Chicago, I became more involved with a company called Still Inspired(?). I hopped in as both a dancer and Director of Marketing & PR, and quickly fell in love with graphic design and how thoughtful composition affects perspective. I dove in headfirst into graphic design studies and found that my training as a dancer opened up an even deeper appreciation for design. I guess you could say that I was familiar with anticipating how an audience perceives your work and relished investigating this idea in a new way.

I have been fortunate enough to work closesly with great minds. You can check out the work I've been given the opportunity to make for the artists in my community by taking a peek at my portfolio. I'd love to bring your ideas to life too. Just shoot me a message, and we can get things started.
Photo by A. Deran Photography
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